Level 1: Remembering / Knowledge
  • Use Wordle to brainstorm energy terms at beginning and end of unit
  • Identify fossil fuels and renewable energy.
  • List different energy types
  • Search for relevant information
  • Bookmark appropriate resources using Delicious or Diigo
Level 2: Understanding / Comprehension
  • Understand that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one type to another.
  • Produce a mind-map of energy types using Bubbl.us or similar
  • Summarize information from various sources for the wiki pages.
Level 3: Application
  • Create a Presentation/ Video/Interview about Energy
  • Video conference using Skype/Elluminate/Tokbox
  • Working together on the wiki (editing)
Level 4: Analysis
  • Analyse and interpret graphs of energy production and use.
  • Analyse arguments for and against fossil fuel and renewable energy use.
  • Producing own graphs from data collected (eg class surveys)
  • Compare Wordle at beginning and end of unit - what are the differences?
Level 5: Evaluation
  • Evaluate which types of energy are most suitable for local conditions.
  • Debate, panel discussion and/or town meeting
Level 6: Creation
  • Community presentation
  • Conduct an interview with an energy expert and record for podcast/video
  • Service project

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