The International Energy Challenge
Project Description

Congratulations! Your class has been selected for an exciting and groundbreaking project! You are going to collaborate with students from 5 schools and 3 countries to investigate 12 forms of energy. Each person is assigned to a group that will represent a form of energy. Your responsibility is to "sell" this form of energy to a global audience. This means that your research will need to reflect the needs of several countries. Each group will create a Voicethread that explains the energy and provides the advantages in several categories. (Go here for a tutorial on Voicethread) After these Voicethreads are published, each group will review the projects that represent other forms of energy and prepare rebuttals against them. The culmination of the project will be a live debate that is chaired and evaluated by other students. Each energy group will select one or two ambassadors to represent the interests of their group in the debate.

Investigate (November 6th - 10th):
How is the energy produced from the source?
What technologies are used in the production of the energy?
Where is the energy produced?
What are the advantages for your energy source in the following categories: Availability, economically, environmentally, ethically, safety, and socially? (These should reflect the perspective of each country.)
Collect sources and cite them in a bibliography
Join the energy wiki!

Plan (November 11th - 15th):
Examine the rubric to understand the expectations.
Your Voicethread should include at least 10 slides.
Each member must appear in the Voicethread at least once.
Determine who will create each slide.
Begin to discuss who will represent your group in the debate

Create (November 16th - 22nd):
Assemble the Voicethread, including the voice recordings.
Your Voicethread is due by November 22nd

Evaluate (November 23rd - a date to be determined during the second week of December):
Review the Voicethreads assigned to your group.
Create rebuttals for these groups, keeping all of your thoughts in one location.
Finalize your choice for ambassadors
Ambassadors will represent the interests of your energy source in our live global debate. The debate will take place on a date to be determined during the first week of December)