Town Hall Meeting Info
Planning for the Voicethread can be found at this Google Doc:

Biomass Voicethread
Coal Energy Voicethread
Geothermal Energy Voicethread
Hydroelectric Power Voicethread
Hydrogen Voicethread
Natural Gas Voicethread
Nuclear Power Voicethread
Solar Energy
Tidal Energy Voicethread
Wave Energy Voicethread
Wind Energy Voicethread

It seems that many students are having difficulty accessing the Voicethreads to add photos and comments. Up until last year I was able to give acess by simply setting the publishing options to "Anyone to Edit" , "Anyone to comment" and "Show in Browse". If each student who created the Voicethread adds their group members to the Voicethread, all members should be able to edit and use.

Here is a sample Voicethread, that shows some examples of the kind of information you may wish to include:

If you notice any spelling mistakes, please post in the discussion!!!